Looking for Contributors

We’re hoping to lend a hand to as many as possible during these unprecedented times. If you can support, we can use all the help we can get.

In-kind Needs

  • Face masks: We are looking for face masks to distribute to vulnerable members of the public
  • Hand sanitizers: It is hard to get hand sanitizer in the stores.
  • Toilet paper: Vulnerable people need toilet essentials too.
  • Products: Are you able to print t-shirts? Do you have gift cards that we can give out to our volunteers? Any other products to give to us?
  • Services: Do you like our campaign? Are you able to help and provide marketing, legal, accounting, or media relations services?

Fundraising Milestones

Please contribute what you can: $5, $20… it all makes a huge difference. All contributions go toward expenses of Lend a Hand 2020, a program managed by Mijem. Below are our goals.

This would enable us to develop basic database, servers, and technology to match volunteers and the vulnerable.
We can have better manpower supporting this program.
We aim to have robust technology that would be able to serve several areas smoothly. Approx. 60% of proceeds would be towards technology, 30% towards administrative support & training staff, and 10% towards program expenses.

We need help. To make an in-kind contribution or sponsorship, please click here.

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