Lend a Hand 2020

We all want to get back to normal faster. Your friend's grandma, old Joe from your neighborhood, and other vulnerable people need your help

The Problem
Older people and people with pre-existing health issues are more likely to be in severe condition if they contract the COVID-19 virus. To reduce risks, these vulnerable people are advised to remain at home which it makes difficult for them to get the essentials such as groceries and toiletries. When hospitalization numbers improve, we can all get back to a normal life faster.

The Program

Lend a Hand 2020 is a program to match up thousands of university/college students and young people to help vulnerable groups with various things such as picking up groceries, food delivery, delivering masks and sanitizer, and more; so that the vulnerable can comfortably remain at home. Lend a hand today.

We want to connect people to do good

Are you a student/young?

Make a difference to your community. You can help deliver goods to the vulnerable in need. We provide you training and recognition.


Need delivery service?

60+ years old, health issues, or other… it’s free to sign up. When available, we’ll match you up with local volunteers that can help deliver goods to you.


Able to contribute?

We can use products such as hand sanitizers, face masks, or toilet paper to distribute to volunteers and the vulnerable. We would appreciate whatever cash proceeds you can contribute for this program.


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Our Story

Mijem is a university/college marketplace connecting tens of thousands of students at campuses across the US and Canada. With over 70+ university relationships, Mijem is an eco-friendly app for students to make money and save money. Like many people in society, Mijem is also impacted by COVID-19 as many universities and colleges are closed. Mijem is redirecting some of its energy to inspire its ambassadors and student network to help with “Lend a Hand 2020.”  

We are looking for organizations to join our campaign.
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Phuong Dinh: Lead

Christian Alsaigh: Operations

Mike Salvato: Relations

Malcolm Bennink: Program

Ritik Saklecha: Outreach

You can brighten up people's day

Areas and Growing

I’m so happy

Pat, Recipient “What you are doing is nothing short of amazing. I’m scared to leave my house but I’m so happy you young people can go out to help me”

She’s not the only one

Ali, Volunteer “I had a 45 minute phone call with Karen. She felt lonely but I told her she’s not the only one. A lot of people are in that same situation such as my grandma.”

New experience for me

Marysia, Volunteer “I have never gone to a Food Bank. This was a new experience for me… Really enjoy being able to help people during this time… I’m a biological sciences and chemistry, pre-med.”

We need help. To make an in-kind contribution or sponsorship, please click here.